The Rest of My Weekend & A Quick Workout

Sunday morning started pretty much like Saturday – breakfast, coffee and a walk down to the lake.

photo 2 (40)

I could never get tired of this view.

My grandpa took us out of the boat for one last ride and a bit more waterskiing. We were all so tired and sore from the day before that one run was enough for each of us! :)photo 1 (40)We enjoyed lunch outside on the patio and even roasted some marshmallows to make some s’mores. photo 3 (38)After a looooong drive home….photo 1 (42)

… we ate dinner and then headed out with the entire fam to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! A big thanks to Suzlyfe for reminding me of this very important holiday!photo 1 (41)Luckily I took yesterday off from work… not so luckily I had to spend the day doing not-so-fun errands like filling out background check info at MIT and getting a new license and registration at the DMV. Why does the DMV just make everything so difficult??

Even with all the DMV frustration my Monday ended up being pretty great for one simple reason. I went on my first run in almost two weeks! Just 4 miles but it felt amazing! :)photo 2 (39)


On our little weekend getaway I didn’t get much exercise in besides waterskiing but each morning I made sure to get in a little bit of bodyweight exercises. I repeated these exercise twice through and it ended up being a quick and effective full body workout so I thought I’d share! :)image

Back to work today… :( Have a great Tuesday!

Did you celebrate National Ice Cream day on Sunday?

What is your favorite bodyweight exercise? I LOOOVE push-ups and squats!

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