Hello From NYC & What I Ate Wednesday

Good Morning from New York City! Henri and I arrived late last night and will be up bright and early to make our way over to Rockefeller Plaza for the Today Show!

Before we hopped in the car for the 3 1/2 hour drive I went to my first practice as an official member of NB Boston! My workout involved a few repeats on a grass field, the perfect mix of speed and strength for my first workout back! My last repeat was nice and quick, it felt really good to push it in a workout again!


Every now and then I like to hop in on the What I Ate Wednesday action. I don’t participate every week mainly because my food photography is seriously lacking, but also because I like to have a theme when I do decide to participate. This past weekend I did my first long run in a few weeks I really noticed the difference that that long run had on my hunger levels. It is important to refuel correctly after pounding the pavement for a few hours so I thought this would be a GREAT topic for a WIAW!

Here’s how I kept my hunger at bay on long run day!

Pre-Run: Almond butter, cinnamon, banana and honey on top of a rice cake. (I usually go with whole wheat toast but we were out of bread!)photo 1 (27)Post-Run: My friend and I parked at a Dunkin Donuts so before my drive home I popped inside and bought an ice cold chocolate milk to sip on the way home. It hit the spot! I also chugged my whole water bottle cause it was HOT out there!photo 2 (25)Lunch: Egg, veggie and cheese scramble over a tortilla and rice. Topped with loads of salsa and hot sauce!photo 3 (17)Afternoon snack: Before we headed out for golf I grabbed a Greek yogurt with some vanilla/almond granola to tide me over until dinner.photo 4 (17)Dinner: Grilled salmon with bread, and a bunch of different salads/vegetables (caprese salad, cucumber salad, grilled zucchini, green beans, and BBQ ranch salad.
photo (11)I also drank a glass of Strawberry Lemonade Powerade with dinner because I was feeling a little dehydrated from being outside for hours in the humidity.photo 5 (13)Dessert: As always the day ended with some ice cream. What is long run day without a little treat?

photo (6)

Recycled Pic, but it looked the same!

Hope this helps the next time your long run rolls around! As always a BIG thanks to Jenn for hosting this fun weekly link-up!

What is your favorite post-run recovery snack?

Powerade or Gatorade?

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One Day Til NYC!

As I write this (during my lunch break) there are only 8 hours until Henri and I leave for our whirlwind trip to the Big Apple. I am really really excited! Even though I already know that waking up on Thursday morning is going to be super tough, it is all going to be worth so Henri can see his favorite team in person!!

photo 1 (70)

From Christmas a few years ago!

We had some crazy weather yesterday so my run took place on the basement treadmill. Definitely not my favorite but I didn’t want to risk getting caught out in the tornado warning. I spiced things up a bit by listening to my favorite podcast (Radio Lab) and doing the hill workout setting. 6 miles at 7:30 pace… nothing special.photo 1 (23)The one thing I do like about the dreadtreadmill is this I get this view for most of my run. I think Finn and Laci might just be the snuggliest dogs in the history of forever! What do you think?photo 2 (22)The storms cleared up in the evening, leaving the most clear and bright rainbow I’ve ever seen! This picture doesn’t do it justice at all but it’s the best I could get!photo 1 (24)We took advantage of the break in rain and grilled up some burgers for dinner. The fries were from the hot foods bar at Wholefoods and we all agreed that we definitely wouldn’t get them again, but luckily my mom’s delicious Mandarin Orange Salad made up for it. I need to get the recipe from her so I can share. It is a perfect salad for summer!photo 5 (12)The last 3 HOURS of our night were spent on the couch watching The Bachelorette. I’m really sad for Nick but I also think that Andi and Josh are great together! I hope that they are one of the “Bachelor” couples that works out for real! I spent part of the show fighting Finn off my ice cream… pup just would not give up!photo 2 (23)

No run for me this morning because I have my first NB Boston practice TONIGHT but I did get in a good little 30 minute yoga session while watching the Today Show. I can’t believe that we’ll actually be standing there in Rockefeller Plaza TOMORROW morning! So gosh darn cool!

Talk to you tomorrow from NYC!

Has anyone else been having crazy weather recently? A tornado actually touched down in Massachusetts yesterday which is crazy. It did a lot of damage but luckily no one was hurt!

Who else watched the Bachelorette finale? Thoughts?!?